From the beginning of time all living things were born, lived out their lives, and returned to the earth or the sea, as God so designed.

Ever since the hands of time moved across the ever expanding and contracting universe and life emerged from the waters of the earth and the human species evolved therefrom, we have a natural longing to reunite our spiritual being with not only the waters that initially gave birth to our species but to sky and trees, birds and butterflies, and all the beauties of Creation that nurtured us.

Only in the last century or two have humans isolated themselves from the natural world in artificial environments of their own making. Children are born in sterile hospital environments, they grow up eating mostly artificial junk food. They stay indoors watching television or playing video games. They go to school in windowless classrooms, far removed from the natural world.

We spend our adult lives in grid locked traffic, in artificially lit office cubicles, and in sterile urban jungles of concrete, steel and plastic; and then, as time takes its toll, we are sequestered away to await slow and painful deaths surrounded by other lingering souls or isolated in the torture chambers of hospital intensive ‘care’ units.

How insensitive, cruel and inhumane our civilization has become in our race toward oblivion and spiritual bankruptcy.

When death comes knocking at my door and God beckons my body to return to the earth from whence it came, I want to be where my eyes’ last glimpse is of the sparkling waters, the leaves of the trees gently nodding in the breeze, of clouds drifting across an azure sky, of one last brilliant sunset framed by the happy faces of my family.

I want the last sounds to enter my failing ears to be the buzzing of the honey bees, the sweet call of a mourning dove, the evening song of a choir of frogs, the plaintive cry of the coyote, and the sweet good-bys whispered by my loved ones.

I want the last touch I feel to be the breeze caressing my face, the warmth of the sun on my skin and a child’s hand in mine.

I want the last breath I take to be perfumed with the scent of wildflowers and of the rich essence of the earth to which I shall return.


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